Sustainability Consulting

Greener Options Inc. can help you understand and improve sustaining your organization by providing services focused on …

Auditing - Provide second or third party audit services to help organizations evaluate how well they are meeting defined standards or requirements.

Certification - Certify products and/or operations to provide unbiased verification for organizations wanting to demonstrate their environmental performance to their customers, stakeholders and the general public.

Customer Support – Support organizations as they communicate, educate and demonstrate their environmental stewardship to their customers and stakeholders.

Policy Development – Work with clients to develop or improve their policies so that sustainability is an integral part of their organizational culture.

Policy Implementation – Assist clients to effectively implement sustainable policies within their organizations.

Strategic Partnerships – Develop or improve partnerships for clients with strategic stakeholders to improve organizational performance or advance environmental initiatives.

Strategic Planning – Work with client’s leadership to develop or improve sustainability initiatives so that they are a part of core organizational objectives.

Training and Education – Develop and implement educational and awareness programs to advance sustainability within organizations.

Organizations are different. Greener Options Inc. will work with you to tailor these services based on your needs. We are here to help you. If you improve – we all win!